Another Paid Hentai Membership Site Review

Paying for things you love help everyone even in the hentai businessPay for your Hentai much?

There is by far too much porn and too much hentai on the web today. Who said that? A guy randomly on a hentai form website where people discus and share there hentai with each other. Why would an avid fan of such a category of pornography be speaking out against it?

Can paying for hentai porn really help the industry?

What he said in response was pretty smart and makes sense, he said that the level of quality in all fields of the web go down when people stop paying for it. If the people who are the best at what they do can’t make a living from it, the oasis drys up. When I thought about this I also had a moment of reflection on what we as a race are now taking advantage of and how in some respect, yes the quality is going down. NOW, there are always going to be people who do it anyway even when they are not getting paid so there will always be something of quality out there, but it really lowers the bar and people end up with crap basically afterward.

So I asked this guy, what do you suggest in terms of “hentai?” He said that those that offer real reviews of material for people looking for paid hentai (like this website), often help build a better light for this industries by giving people a chance to get real quality information/hentai (or whatever). But there are many people who also just make review sites to sell stupid stuff that doesn’t resonate with the industry and the people in it. It’s amazing how many times he said that he signed up for a hentai paid membership and didn’t get what he was seeing on the front page, in fact he found that 90% of the sites he signed up for didn’t click with what was promised which is quite a sad tale.

Steps on how to help starving hentai artists!

So he has a few things he’s going to push and one is, he’s going to start issuing out information to help start paying for the things they love on sites like Joolma and Blogspot. I personally find this funny as those are free blogging platforms, but the message is all the same. Those looking for anime, manga or anything Japanese should really be paying for it, especially if it’s high quality, it’s awesome, it’s hentai and why not? Usually paying for things you love doesn’t cost as much as you might think and it’s benefiting everyone, even you in the long run.

So my plan for the future? Take this idea of paying for hentai serious, or paying for music or paying for art or anything else that tickles my fancy. So next time you think about getting the free stuff, think about your children, literally, otherwise they might be stuck with crappy hentai website ( 😛 ) or maybe they just won’t have decent music to listen to. To prove my point, here’s a great concern about becoming a hentai artist and being worried about piracy online.